Pastor Daniel L. Bohn

Pastor Dan has been blessed to do what He enjoys most, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, since 1987. Those years of blessings started in two small congregations in Iowa. They were congregations filled with patient people as they helped him grow from a green, fresh from the seminary graduate, to a shepherd of God’s people. God’s call then led him to a congregation in Oklahoma. After 6 years in the south, God called Pastor Dan to Trinity Lutheran Church, in Port Edwards, WI. This was a move which brought Pastor Dan and wife Theresa home to Wisconsin where both had grown up. After serving God’s flock at Trinity for 20 years, God called once again, and the move to Zion was made in August of 2019. A new family of believers to minister to and be God’s under-shepherd to. A new opportunity to share, comfort and strengthen with the same message of Christ which is vibrant, and life giving, no matter what the year, or situation God’s children are living in. Feel free to stop by or contact Pastor Dan so he can get to know you, now that you know a little bit about him.